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At AKC, we have built a team of professional, experienced, highly skilled & reputable engineers, who have the expertise and industry knowledge required to provide our customers with reliable support and direction when they need it most. AKC has developed a full range of capability to deliver ICSS solutions.

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AKC, actively working with brownfield projects, where we are able to provide comprehensive auditing services and will create concise reports of each customer’s ICSS systems to successfully improve efficiency, rationalise alarms and improve overall process reliability and integrity of processing facilities.

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ICSS Expertise

Our experienced and knowledge allows us to understand and resolve the problems at very early stage. Our knowledge helps our client to avoid system failure that can lead to un-planned downtime or a catastrophic incident. With our seamless engineering and integration capabilities we ensure PCS operates.

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Our Speciality

Process Control System

Process control systems are the backbone of any process plant either in mining, oil & gas or manufacturing industry. We offer the best PCS systems solutions for these industries based on our professional experience.

Instrument, Electrical and Control

With any sophisticated Integrated System on one hand and budget & schedule constraints on the other, Project Management (PM) has become important in every industry project.

Electrical System Engineering

With Electrical System Engineering and Design services AKEC fulfills its promise of being a “One-Stop Shop” Companies are concerned at the planning about the requirements of Power and Electrical.

Fire and Gas Systems

F&G detection systems are deployed to continuously monitor plant activity and in case of hazardous conditions initiate appropriate actions. These systems need to work from the detection of hazardous

Safety Instrumented System

Safety is the paramount of the any process industry. Safety is prerequisite of any company’s reputation, opertorability and sustainability. Every plant operator spends a major amount of CAPEX.

Instrumentation Start Up Commissioning

Process Instrumentation is heart of any plant operators. Oil & Gas and Mining companies are most concerned about the system integration and start-up